Finally made a video of some of the stuff I do at the park.


Wow its been almost 2 years since I have lifted weights heavy weights at a gym and I still continue to gain muscle and keep up my fitness level. Never knew my back looked like this lol. 


5x rounds with 3 mins rest in between

10 Kettle ball swings

20 pull ups

30 push ups

40 crunches 

50 squats

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sexiest thing ive seen today

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Doesn’t matter what size you are, throw down. 


I feel like it’s redundant, but don’t try this at home. K? :)


Working on my superman push ups or planche not sure which it would be. 


Working on the human flag. Took me about a month to be able to do it. But I am far from where I want to be. 

Thinspo vs fitspo vs crossfit girls

When I see a girls blog that says Thinspo this is how I feel:

When I see a fitspo or healthy living blog Im like :

But when I see a crossfit girl I instantly feel like:

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